Climate Change Bad For Men

by / 0 Comments / 1 View / October 13, 2014

Researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing rising temperatures and significant weather events and their correlation to the country’s newborn gender ratios.

Overall, they found that since the 1970’s the number of male babies being born in Japan has declined at a steady pace.

They also observed that instances of spontaneous miscarriage among male fetuses over 12 weeks increased.

The next phase of their study focused on two specific seasons – the summer of 2010 and the winter of 2011.

Both were especially brutal, delivering either punishing heat or severe cold.

Again, they found a relationship between temperature and the lowered instances of male births.

Fetal mortality was also discovered to have occurred at a greater than normal rate.

Critics of the findings point out that it’s only one study and that it includes a very shallow pool of possible causes.

It’s also been noted that similar research carried out in other countries did not produce the same results.

While the birth statistics in the Japanese study aren’t being denied, it’s believed further study is needed to determine what stress factors including climate change could have on fetal development.

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