O My Walter

O My Walter. Blaine Pollock book copy

Envision being able to see the magnificence of the birth of creation through the eyes of a dog.

Walter, the small white dog who is still finding all the mysteries of the Universe is tasked with naming every animal in creation as they appear on earth. Philanthropist and Businessman Blaine Pollock tells the story of how man became dog’s best friend, pulling from mythology and theology prose.

The title, “O My Walter” gives the reader a journey from the Garden of Eden where Walter finds himself surrounded by a plethora of characters, including a hefty yellow cat he thinks is a lion and vaporous puff that transforms into a dragon. Author, Blaine Pollock wanted to write the book because it gives a legacy to his grandchildren and the generations to follow and give them something money could not buy and time could not take away. “Walter is my side kick, my best friend, a companion with whom I share all of my own adventures.” He got the idea starring Walter because dogs are easy to read, love unconditionally and do not pass judgment.

All proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to different children’s hospitals and charities across the country. “I really hope that people can walk away not just with a positive overall feeling about our history and purpose here on Earth, but also that the book promotes the use of imagination, and imagination is the source of invention,” Blaine Pollock said. He believes there is a lot that can be done with a dog telling the history of the world.

Both children and adults will be swept away by the fantasy and imagination of the book. Children in particular, have a special connection to animals, as Blaine stated “I hope kids who read my book will use the feelings the prose evokes to create while the fictional Walter is not able to speak, he can communicate telepathically with both children and adults, according to Blaine Pollock.

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