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Drinking Soda

Drinking Soda Could Put Your Liver On The Rocks

A new study found that consuming more than one sugar sweetened beverage per day may increase the risk of non alcoholic fatty liver disease  

0 Comments / 7 View / June 9, 2015

smart shoes

Scientists Develop Smart Shoes To Correct Walking Posture

We all know walking provides a number of health benefits but are you doing it right  

0 Comments / 6 View / June 8, 2015

history of viruses

One Drop Of Blood Can Reveal Your History Of Viruses

A test can reveal virtually every virus you have ever had, using just a drop of blood  

0 Comments / 18 View / June 7, 2015

First Skull Scalp

Doctors Perform Worlds First Skull Scalp Transplant

Patient said he was stunned at how well doctors matched him to a donor with similar skin and coloring  

0 Comments / 4 View / June 6, 2015

MRI technology

MRI Technology Reveals Deep Brain Pathways

In a study, the researchers unveil an ultra high resolution brain stem model that could better guide brain surgeons treating conditions such as tremors and Parkinsons disease with deep brain stimulation  

0 Comments / 4 View / June 5, 2015

Blood Pressure

Controlling Blood Pressure With One Shot

Researchers from Osaka University in Japan have developed a vaccine that acts on a hormone that increases blood pressure  

0 Comments / 13 View / June 3, 2015

Dengue Fever mosquitoes

Mosquitoes Helping Researchers Against Deadly Disease

There are not any vaccines to prevent infection just yet, but researchers in Brazil are trying to slow the spread with the use of genetically modified mosquitoes  

0 Comments / 3 View / June 2, 2015

Exercising during breast cancer

Continue Exercising During Breast Cancer Treatment

A new study suggests under the guidance of qualified trainers and health professionals, women who undergo an exercise program involving cardiovascular and resistance training will help reduce symptoms of chemotherapy treatment  

0 Comments / 8 View / June 1, 2015

Gene Discovery

Could Gene Discovery Mean The End Of Pain

The pain gene has been discovered by a team of researchers co led by the University of Cambridge potentially paving the way for the development of new methods of pain relief    

0 Comments / 12 View / May 31, 2015

Smartphone Can Be Good

Smartphone Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

There are programs for depression and phobias, designed to help lift peoples moods, get them active and help them to overcome their difficulties  

0 Comments / 7 View / May 30, 2015