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Expect To Live

How Long Should You Expect To Live

These days, you can expect to live a long and healthy life  

0 Comments / 3 View / July 13, 2015

Being Rich

Does Being Rich Make You Lazy

A lot of research has been done into the effects of poverty on the brain  

0 Comments / 4 View / July 12, 2015

popular pain killers

FDA Orders Stronger Labeling For Popular Pain Killers

Pain killers may cause an increased risk of serious cardiovascular thrombotic events, myocardial infraction and stroke    

0 Comments / 7 View / July 10, 2015

Waking Up with Water

Health Benefits Of Waking Up With Water

Drinking water in the morning has been proven to have immense health benefits  

0 Comments / 7 View / July 9, 2015

screen addiction

Screen Addiction Is Taking Toll On Children

Researchers find screen addiction is taking toll on children  

0 Comments / 7 View / July 8, 2015

stomach bacteria

Link Between Your Mood And Stomach Bacteria

This could dramatically change the future of medicine  

0 Comments / 4 View / July 5, 2015

Stretchy Spinal

Stretchy Spinal Implant Provides New Paralysis Treatment

Scientists now working towards testing the stretchy and flexible eDura implant on humans  

0 Comments / 12 View / July 5, 2015

PTSD linked

PTSD Linked To Cardiovascular Disease In Women

Women who experience a traumatic event and develop post traumatic stress disorder may be at increased risk for heart disease, a new large study suggests  

0 Comments / 4 View / July 2, 2015

Benefits of naps

Health Benefits Of Napping For Adults

Napping can have extaordinary benefits if used correctly  

0 Comments / 23 View / June 30, 2015

belly button challenge

Health Warning About Belly Button Challenge

Over the past few days, a trend known as the belly button challenge has taken off on, you guessed it, the social media  

0 Comments / 46 View / June 29, 2015