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We all have an odor signature, determined by genetics, health and personal hygiene.  If you have good hygiene but have an unpleasant odor (or others telling you so), you might want to check this and see if anything on this list is contributing.

Here is what scientists know about certain foods that involve odors when consumed.



There are some olfactory benefits of going meatless.  One study had women rate men’s body odors as more attractive and pleasant and less intense when the men did not eat meat for two weeks, compared to when they did eat it.

Foods Containing Sulfur

Plants that are in the Brassica genus, including cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage can affect body odor because of the vegetables’ sulfur compounds.  Onions and garlic are culprits as well.


When you drink alcohol, most of it is metabolized in the liver into acetic acid.  Some of it is released through your sweat and respiratory system.  If you consume too much, your breath will smell and the odor will come out of your pores.

Herbs and Spices

Various foods eaten by breastfeeding women affect the flavor of their breast milk.  Some of these foods include carrots; garlic, mint and vanilla affect the flavor.  Also strong spices like curry or cumin affect their newborn’s body odor.


People with inherited metabolic disorder trimethylaminuria develop a fishy odor when they eat fish and some other high-protein foods.  This is due to a failure to break down this compound which builds up in the body and released in the urine, breath and sweat.


This food is infamous for making urine smell.  It has been a long debate about whether all people make it but only some people can smell it. Due to genetic variations, people differ both in their ability to produce the odor and in their ability to perceive it.


Author: Blaine Pollock

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