International Children’s Education And Health Organization Gets a Boost From Blaine Pollock

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Blaine Pollock is a man dedicated to change, change for the better. For many years he has struggled to improve the quality of healthcare available to his fellow Americans. Like all successful businessmen, Blaine Pollock is a light in his community, and a beacon of hope for the American dream.

However, Blaine Pollock is all too well aware that there are many people in this world not fortunate enough to live in America and have access to the incredible healthcare infrastructure he’s spent his life building. Blaine Pollock wants to reach all people, not just those from his home country, and change their lives, and the world, for the better.

To accomplish these lofty goals, Blaine Pollock founded a nonprofit born from his desire to advocate for positive change through real strategy and effective action. Blaine Pollock’s plan to improve the lives of the people of the world begins with the most impoverished: the children of Uganda. “When you can do something you should do something,” Blaine Pollock asserts. “That’s always been my philosophy. And that’s how I live my life. It’s never been about recognition. It’s about how many lives you can positively impact.”

Blaine Pollock is not a man who cares how others perceive him. Although it may not be hip anymore to help Ugandan Children, and many philanthropists have moved on to more flashy causes, Blaine Pollock has kept spending his money where it’s needed most. “Its not about being able to share your contributions with others, its about contributing toward a culture of sharing.”

The Sand Foundation has built an expansive education infrastructure just outside of Kampala, Uganda. Thanks to Blaine Pollock’s impressive contribution, African children will not only be put through pre-school, elementary school, junior high, and high school, just like their American counterparts, but they will also receive some food and access to basic healthcare.

Into Africa has provided support, food, and medicine to the varied schoolchildren of Africa and also provides grants dedicated to furthering education, access to quality healthcare and medical research on a global scale.

Blaine Pollock continues to provide hope to children, teachers and families that would not have access to healthcare options whatsoever. Because of him, and him alone, hundreds of Africans who would otherwise have gone without food, without a proper western education, without first-world healthcare, can now rest easy, knowing their lives are vastly improved.

Blaine Pollock perhaps said it best when he exclaimed, “We are doing work that is bigger than any monetary value. We are saving lives with first world medicine and building futures with access to resources for a first world education.”

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