Blaine Pollock Supports Mary Lanning

Blaine Pollock Supports New Hospital Infrastructure

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On September 11th, 2010, Mary Lanning’s annual charity celebration, The Stars Come Out, was a rousing success, and with Blaine Pollock’s support was able to raise substantial funds in support of The Century Project. The Century Project is a new initiative toward developing Mary Lanning Hospital, a cornerstone of healthcare in Hastings, Nebraska, the state where Blaine Pollock was born and raised.

Blaine Pollock’s support of the Mary Lanning HealthCare Foundation’s 19th annual dinner and auction is just another step forward in transforming healthcare for the greater Hastings area. The Century Project works toward developing the hospital, transforming the building with better infrastructure and up to date technology, all while improving patient outcomes and maintaining the quality care Mary Lanning Hospital is known for.

This is truly a step forward for the whole Hastings area as far as healthcare is concerned, and Blaine Pollock is the one responsible. By contributing $1500, Blaine Pollock’s support of the renovation project will assist in preparing the Mary Lanning Hospital for the future with an emphasis on safety and privacy, while expanding its capacities for accessibility and its already impressive communication infrastructure. Thanks to Blaine Pollock’s support, the Mary Lanning Hospital will soon be beautifully rebuilt as 70% of the existing building is entirely transformed, remade for the future, while another 32,500 square feet of fresh space is added on, all to the benefit of healthcare workers and the general Nebraska community.

Blaine Pollock has donated to organizations based in San Diego, and inspected the Century Project’s development, keen to see that his contribution is well spent. He was well pleased to find the construction already underway, and looks forward to supporting the Mary Lanning HealthCare Foundation in years to come. Thus fulfilling the promise of healthcare for the people of Hastings, Nebraska, where Mary Lanning’s vision will soon be fulfilled.

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