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Benefits of naps

Health Benefits Of Napping For Adults

Napping can have extaordinary benefits if used correctly  

0 Comments / 23 View / June 30, 2015

belly button challenge

Health Warning About Belly Button Challenge

Over the past few days, a trend known as the belly button challenge has taken off on, you guessed it, the social media  

0 Comments / 46 View / June 29, 2015

Health Food Making

Is Health Food Making You Fat

Healthy foods are good for us, but there is a weird way they might be making you fat  

0 Comments / 3 View / June 28, 2015

Pool and hot tub

Pool And Hot Tub Illnesses On The Rise

CDC discuss the symptoms and offer tips to swimmers  

0 Comments / 15 View / June 27, 2015

Drug Testing With Microchip

Drug Testing With Microchip Organs

Along with lung on a chip, theres bone marrow on a chip, kidney on a chip and researchers hope to continue making these separate devices until they have enough to mimic whole body physiology  

0 Comments / 8 View / June 25, 2015

heart attack victims

Amazing Progress In Saving Heart Attack Victims

Heart disese is the leading cause of death in the USA  

0 Comments / 5 View / June 24, 2015

skinny jeans

Could Skinny Jeans Cause Nerve Damage

Australian experts reported that a woman could not walk after wearing a pair of tight denims all day  

0 Comments / 7 View / June 23, 2015

Mens Health Month

June Is Mens Health Month

Men less likely to visit doctors than women  

0 Comments / 1 View / June 22, 2015

Bad Sleep

The Truth About Bad Sleep

Next time you find yourself tossing and turning all night, remember that you are not alone  

0 Comments / 10 View / June 22, 2015

Trip Abroad

How To Stay Healthy On Your Trip Abroad

Depending on where you are headed, you may need to update your vaccinations    

0 Comments / 9 View / June 20, 2015