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IQ Scores Worldwide

IQ Scores Worldwide Have Been On The Rise For A Century

A recent study out of the University of Vienna shows that IQ scores, which are calculated via test responses, have been increasing worldwide for the past century  

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Gene Discovery

Could Gene Discovery Mean The End Of Pain

The pain gene has been discovered by a team of researchers co led by the University of Cambridge potentially paving the way for the development of new methods of pain relief    

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Smartphone Can Be Good

Smartphone Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

There are programs for depression and phobias, designed to help lift peoples moods, get them active and help them to overcome their difficulties  

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genetic testing

New Study Finds Serious Flaws In Genetic Testing

The genetic analysis is supposed to asses risk for cancer, among other health issues  

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Yoga and acupuncture

Yoga And Acupuncture Helps Ease Veterans Stress

The goal is to heal PTSD and the invisible wounds of war  

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Prevent Alzheimers

New Research May Help Prevent Alzheimers

In addition to brain scans checking for amyloid build up, researchers are looking for tangles of a protein named tau  

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kid cardio

Some Dance Classes Are Not Enough Kid Cardio

A new study says some kids in dance classes are not getting that physical activity  

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What Diseases Can You Catch While Swimming

The Surfrider Foundation, along with many county and state health departments has always advised the public never to swim or surf within 72 hours after a rain  

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Smartphone Use Before Bed

Smartphone Use Before Bed Hurts Your Sleep

Researchers say smartphone use before bed can cause you to lose sleep  

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Teen Binge Drinking

Dangerous Rise Of Teen Binge Drinking

The Organization for Economic Co operation and Development reports that yearly consumption of alcohol has decreased by 2.5 percent in the OECDs 34 member countries over the last 20 years  

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