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Face Scan

3D Face Scan Can Determine Biological Age

A three dimensional imaging system could determine a persons biological age simply based on a scan of the face  

0 Comments / 3 View / April 5, 2015

Ancient Potions

Are Ancient Potions Better Than Modern Drugs

Anglo Saxon remedy kills hospital superbug MRSA and Tansy may be used to treat herpes, study suggests  

0 Comments / 1 View / April 4, 2015


Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolate

Easter is just a few days away, the favorite time of year for Chocolate lovers  

0 Comments / 6 View / April 2, 2015

cereal breakfast

Cereal For Breakfast Can Save Your Life

Breakfast cereal benefits are 34 percent lower risk of death from diabetes, 15 percent reduced risk from cancer,  17 percent lower risk of all-cause mortality  

0 Comments / 7 View / April 1, 2015