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Tumor Genetics

Using Colon Tumor Genetics To Guide Treatment

If the tumor has mutations for which there is no standard treatment, the analysis will identify what new therapies, some in clinical trial stage, could work effectively.  

0 Comments / 3 View / March 31, 2015

Teen Drivers

Why Teen Drivers Are So Distracted

Distracted driving is now blamed for at least half of car accidents involving teens, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.  

0 Comments / 6 View / March 30, 2015

Smoking Age

The Effect Of Raising The Smoking Age

Researchers from the Institute of Medicine recently claimed that raising the legal smoking age to 21 would have the greatest impact on smoking rates in young people  

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Exercise Can Dramatically Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

New healthy reason for exercise  

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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Could Save Patients Money

Due for a joint replacement soon? Weight loss surgery first could save you money and improve the results of your joint replacement  

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New Way To Diminish The Caloric Content Of Rice

Rice is a staple in many places around the world, but given its content of both starch and calories, it is not necessarily a healthy one.  

0 Comments / 8 View / March 26, 2015


Smartphone Use Changing Our Brain And Thumb Interaction

Researchers discovered that the brains and thumbs of smartphone users interact differently from those who use old-fashioned handsets  

0 Comments / 5 View / March 25, 2015

Artificial sweetener

Artificial Sweetener May Treat Aggressive Cancers

Saccharin is one of the most studied food ingredients  

0 Comments / 7 View / March 24, 2015

Deadly Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes Could Bring Deadly Diseases To UK

There are already 34 recorded species of mosquito in the UK, but currently they are not know to transmit infections, however there are varieties that can transmit West Nile, but there have been no human cases  

0 Comments / 6 View / March 23, 2015

Life Purpose

Having Life Purpose Might Help Your Brain

Finding your purpose in life may give you more than just a sense of fulfillment , it may also give you better brain health  

0 Comments / 4 View / March 22, 2015