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Naps Can Reduce Stress And Boost Immune System

This research is showing that adults need naps too  

0 Comments / 4 View / February 28, 2015

Red Wine

How Red Wine May Help Your Memory

You may have one more reason to raise a glass to red wine  

0 Comments / 6 View / February 27, 2015

Being Overweight

Being Overweight Eventually Weighs you Down

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology published the findings of British researchers who tracked more than 2,000 people for two decades  

0 Comments / 6 View / February 8, 2015

Fruits and vegetables

Foods That Should Never Be Refrigerated

We reports on what should stay out of the cold  

0 Comments / 15 View / February 7, 2015

arsenic in rice

There Is A Potential Health Risks Of Eating Rice

Although the levels are very low, some experts are concerned about possible long-term effects including cancer and heart disease  

0 Comments / 17 View / February 5, 2015


Intense Jogging May Shorten Life Span

Running faster and farther is not necessarily better  

0 Comments / 4 View / February 4, 2015

Drinking Milk

Should Americans Be Drinking More Milk

Industry executives say it is because their products and packaging are old fashioned and in need of innovation  

0 Comments / 5 View / February 3, 2015