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Morning Sickness

New Amazing Drug for Morning Sickness

It is the first drug approved specifically for morning sickness since 1983 and is considered safe and effective.  

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walking to work

The Contribution of Walking to Work on Physical Activity

The contribution of walking to work to adult physical activity levels: a cross sectional study Objective: To objectively examine the contribution to adult physical activity levels of walking to work. Methods: Employees (n = 103; 36.3 ± 11.7 years) at…

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New Vaccine Can Stop Rotavirus

Each year in the USA before vaccine, rotavirus infections resulted in 22.5 hospitalizations and 301 emergency room visits per 10,000 children younger than 3 years of age.  

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Healthy Walking

Walking Can Add Years To Your Life

Walking 20 Minutes A Day Could Add Years To Your Life  

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O My Walter Book Cover by Blaine Pollock

Blaine Pollock Announced Release of His Children’s Book “O My Walter” With Proceeds Donated to Children’s Hospitals

Blaine Pollock revealed today, the release of “O My Walter” (, the magical book about a little white dog named Walter, who is searching for the mysteries of the universe. All proceeds from this book will be donated to children’s…

0 Comments / 86 View / January 16, 2015 Blaine Pollock Announces the Launch of its New Website Dedicated to Finding a Cure to Depression’s mission towards a cure for depression provides current articles and research along with posting the most recent clinical trials available to the public. At people gather together to share their stories in fighting this common disease. (PRWEB) January…

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Alcohol Abuse

Working Overtime Links To Alcohol Abuse

This latest study is the first systemic analysis of the link between long working hours and alcohol use.  

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Strong Conneciton Between Optimism and Heart Health

Healthy reason to smile  

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Smartphone Users are Unintentionally Altering their Sensory Processing System – Blaine Pollock

Researchers found that people who used smart phones established more activity in the sensorimotor cortex of their brains than those who used old-style cell phones such as a basic flip phone. More than half of American adults own a smart…

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Measles Outbreak

Measles Outbreak in Disneyland

The most recent count, according to the California Department of Health as of Monday afternoon, is 26 cases, which includes 22 confirmed cases in California  

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