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Long-Term Consequences of Neonatal Nicotine Exposure

Effect of tobacco smoke exposure during pregnancy and preschool age on growth from birth to adolescence: a cohort study Background: There is strong evidence of an association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and restriction of intrauterine growth, but the effects…

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Food advertising

Discover the Influence of Food Advertising On Your Health

The effects of food advertising and cognitive load on food choices Background: Advertising has been implicated in the declining quality of the American diet, but much of the research has been conducted with children rather than adults. This study tested…

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Medical innovations

Most Promising Medical Innovations for This Year

From reversing aging to new cholesterol drugs  

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Pulmonary embolisms

A Simpler Way to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolisms

The new model, which factors in a patient’s age, more accurately identifies a patient’s risk of the often-deadly blood clots and can more easily rule out the need for additional, more invasive tests, helping to reduce unnecessary costs.  

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