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concussions diagnose

New Promising Way To Diagnose Concussions

Researchers are developing a way to diagnose concussions by focusing on how eyes track a moving image  

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Starting Football Before Age 12 Linked to Memory Problems – Blaine Pollock

A new study is finding that if NFL players started playing football before the age of 12, they suffer far worse memory and thinking problems into adulthood. This Sunday, the television extravaganza of the year takes place – the 2015…

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Heavy Drinking in Midlife Increases Stroke Risk more than Diabetes – Blaine Pollock

  Studies are now showing that heavy drinking in midlife was found to increase the risk of stroke by 34%, compared with light drinking. It is a well known fact that high blood pressure and diabetes can raise the risk of…

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Arizona tries to Control Measles Outbreak Days before Super Bowl – Blaine Pollock

Health officials in three Arizona counties stated hundreds of people may have been exposed to the highly contagious measles virus, three days before thousands of sports fans pour into the state for the Super Bowl. The National Football League championship…

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Lack of Sleep

Lack Of Sleep Linked To Childhood Obesity

A good nights sleep is one of the keys to good health  

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Chagas Disease –New Parasitic Infection On The Rise– Blaine Pollock

New research is suggesting that it is increasingly being seen in the southern US and poses an emerging potential public health threat for Americans. You may be asking, what exactly is Chagas Disease?   It is caused by a protozoan parasite…

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New Study – Siblings with Autism Have Different Risk Genes – Blaine Pollock

Popular belief holds that siblings who inherit autism possess the same risk genes for the disorder as their parents and each other.  But a shocking new study – deemed the largest ever autism genome study to date – finds this…

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Prostate biopsy

New Study Could Eliminate Many Unnecessary Biopsies

Dr. Max Gomez has important news for men facing a biopsy  

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Cancer Breakthrough

Amazing Breakthrough In Fight Against Cancer

 UCI Researchers Find Way To Unboil Eggs In Potential Cancer Fight Breakthrough  

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Does Exposure to the Cold Air Cause Colds? – Blaine Pollock

    Scientifically designed experiments have been established to prove the theory that cold temperatures do not cause the common cold. For generations, wisdom has held that cold air is not good for respiratory systems.  In particular, cold air has…

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