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technology- Blaine Pollock

Technology is Destroying our Body and Mind – Blaine Pollock

Technology is a brilliant thing, but it is taking a hard toll on our health. We are spending inordinate amounts of time glued to our cell phones, computer screens, laptops, tablets, gaming devices, cameras, and televisions.  It connects us to…

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Do Your Part to Stop the Spread of Flu at Home

Nonpharmaceutical Interventions or NPIs are actions, apart from getting vaccinated and taking medicine, that people and communities can take to help slow the spread of illnesses like flu.

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Insulin Cancer

New Warning for Insulin Users

Researchers from Cardiff University School of Medicine analysed thousands of NHS records to uncover the link in type 2 diabetes patients. The journal of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, suggests insulin has growth-promoting effects which could be to blame for an increased…

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Food policy

Food Policies for Physical and Mental Health

Food policies for physical and mental health Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) account for the largest burden of early mortality and are predicted to cost the global community more than  US $30 trillion over the next 20 years. Unhealthy dietary habits, in…

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Epistemology of the Origin of Cancer: A New Paradigm

Epistemology of the origin of cancer: a new paradigm Background: Carcinogenesis is widely thought to originate from somatic mutations and an inhibition of growth suppressors, followed by cell proliferation, tissue invasion, and risk of metastasis. Fewer than 10% of all…

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Almond Athlete Blaine Pollock

Almonds Enhance Athletic Performance

The effect of almond consumption on elements of endurance exercise performance in trained athletes Background: Almonds are a healthy tree nut food with high nutrient density. Their consumption has been shown to ameliorate oxidative stress,  inflammation, etc. The objective of…

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Alzheimers drug

Alzheimers Drug a Cognitive Enhancer for Healthy Individuals

Generating genius: how an Alzheimer ’ s drug became considered a ‘ cognitive enhancer ’ for healthy individuals Background: Donepezil, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, has been widely cited in media and bioethics  literature on…

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Septic Shock

Vasopressor Initiation and Mortality in Septic Shock

Timing of vasopressor initiation and mortality in septic shock: a cohort study Introduction: Despite recent advances in the management of septic shock, mortality remains unacceptably high. Earlier initiation of key therapies including  appropriate antimicrobials and fluid resuscitation appears to reduce…

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Child Cancer

Difficult Decisions When Cure is No Longer Possible

When to stop? Decision-making when children ’ s cancer treatment is no longer curative: a mixed-method systematic review Background: Children with cancer, parents, and clinicians, face difficult decisions when cure is no longer possible. Little is known about decision-making  processes,…

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Smoking Destroys Y Chromosome

New health risk discovered for men who smoke. The Y chromosome is of course the stretch of DNA that makes a man. Women have two X chromosomes; males have an X and a Y. But the Y chromosome controls more…

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