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A Few Foods That Cause Body Odors – Blaine Pollock

We all have an odor signature, determined by genetics, health and personal hygiene.  If you have good hygiene but have an unpleasant odor (or others telling you so), you might want to check this and see if anything on this…

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Expecting Fathers Experience Prenatal Issues Too – Blaine Pollock

Women are not the only ones who experience prenatal hormone changes.  Their male counterparts also experience these. Impending fatherhood can lower two hormones — testosterone and estradiol- for men, even before their babies are born, a new study found. This…

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Shock Therapy for Depression – Facts and Misconceptions – Blaine Pollock

When most people think of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or shock therapy, they visualize a strapped-down patient flailing in pain. Many regard it as an archaic and outdated treatment that no longer in use.  In fact, ECT is still in operation…

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Pet Therapy – The Wonderful Effects of Man and Animal Together

Close to 72 million Americans or (62%) have a pet and most people think of their pets as members of their family. Who does not just love animals?  Animals play an important role in many people’s lives.  In addition to…

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10 Deadliest Diseases in Human History

The human body is capable of many amazing things, but its power can often end in the fatality of thousands. This video explores the 10 deadliest diseases throughout all of human history.

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