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Chemotherapy – Scientists are Discovering Ways to Boost Healthy Cells – Blaine Pollock

Scientists are very close to discovering a way to boost healthy cell production in cancer patients as they receive chemotherapy. It is also known to create chaos on normal, healthy cells. By adding thymine – a natural building block found…

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Potato Can Fight Obesity and Reduce Inflammation

The team hopes to patent the potato extract, and is currently seeking partners, mainly from the food industry, to contribute to funding clinical trials. Although humans and mice metabolize foods in similar ways, clinical trials are absolutely necessary to validate…

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Epileptic Seizure-Detecting Watch

Boston Children’s Hospital Testing Epileptic Seizure-Detecting Watch. Epilepsy is a tough condition to live with and, despite treatment, many patients often still have seizures.  But now there’s a new way to warn their families when there is trouble.  Researchers have…

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