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Deadly Dangers of Powdered Caffeine

One teaspoon of powdered caffeine is the equivalent of 30 to 40 cups of coffee. It goes into your bloodstream instantly, not over a day or even an hour and it kills people.   Ingesting massive doses of caffeine all…

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Alcohol May Disrupt Sleep

Alcohol is a sedative that may help you fall asleep, but it prevents deeper stages of sleep and often causes you to awaken in the middle of the night. Emerging research suggests drinking alcohol to fall asleep may ultimately be…

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The Great Vitamin Debate

When you take mega doses of vitamins, your body takes what it needs and basically gets rid of the rest in the urine. Food for thought as you weigh the best way to spend your green.

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Memory Troubles May Predict Stroke Risk

Memory lapses linked to stroke risk among highly educated. Highly educated people who reported noticeable lapses in memory were 39 per cent more likely than those without lapses to have a stroke within the next 12 years, researchers report in…

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RSV Has Become Less Dangerous for Infants

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is a very common virus, one that virtually all children contract by the time they are two years old. “We looked at over 850,000 hospitalizations for RSV and had two large data sets and found identical…

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How to Recognize Diogenes Syndrome?

Recognizing Diogenes syndrome: a case report Background: Diogenes syndrome is a behavioural disorder characterized by domestic squalor, extreme self-neglect, hoarding, and lack of shame regarding  one’s living condition. Patients may present due to a range of reasons. Recognizing these will…

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The Value of (Pre)School Playgrounds for Children’s Health

The value of (pre)school playgrounds for children ’ s physical activity level: a systematic review The (pre)school environment is an important setting to improve children’s health. Especially, the (pre)school playground provides a major  opportunity to intervene. This review presents an…

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1 in 5 Americans Have an Unpaid Medical Debt – Blaine Pollock

According to a recent report, 20% of people with credit records or 43 million people, have unpaid medical debts, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Americans have fallen ill and ended up in the hospital with unanticipated bills. Patients…

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Ebola-Stricken Sierra Leone Cancels Christmas

Sierra Leone is banning Christmas and New Year celebrations across the country this year due to the widespread Ebola outbreak. Sierra Leone and its neighbors Guinea and Liberia account for all but 15 of a total of 6,388 Ebola-related deaths…

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