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Loyal Dog Waits for Deceased Owner at Hospital, 2 Years Pass

“You see her eyes, how sad they are – it’s not the usual shiny eyes for when a dog is happy. You can see this in animals in the same way as with people,” Dr Vladimir Bespalov explained.

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The Top Medical Stories of 2014

We are looking back at Top Medical Stories of the year.

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Black Cat Helps Boy With Asperger’s Syndrome

Josh Neff, who has Asperger’s syndrome, had trouble communicating. But when Neff brought home Andy, a stray cat who had been roaming the streets of her friend’s neighborhood, Josh opened up.

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Personalized Skin Cancer Vaccines

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered that a new trial vaccine offers the most promising treatment to date for melanoma that has spread, with increased patient survival rates and improved ability to stop or reverse the cancer.

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Cancer Drug Could Fight Autism

Experimental drug designed to treat lung cancer and leukemia could also reverse common form of autism

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Women Blame Essure for Severe Complications

It’s touted as a non-surgical way to prevent pregnancy, but investigators uncover nearly a thousand complaints nationwide about a relatively new method of birth control. It’s called Essure. Many women who have gone through the procedure claim it’s been the…

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Only 30% of HIV Patients Have the Virus Under Control

The number of Americans living with HIV who have the virus under control has plummeted to just 3 in 10, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   According to the CDC, as many as 50,000 Americans become…

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Overactive Bladder

Doctors says adult diapers are not the only option.     It’s the subject of TV commercials for incontinence products. Now, local doctors are urging people to seek real treatment solutions, beyond adult diapers, to greatly improve their quality of…

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New Genetic Diagnosis Study

A panel of doctors has approved a plan for a clinical study involving a special method that checks all 23 pairs of human chromosomes to find genetic defects in fertilized eggs.

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Cloud Tools for New Drug Development

Moderna Therapeutics has created a new in vivo medicine using messenger RNA (mRNA) to teach human cells to create proteins that target diseased tissue Moderna Therapeutics is a biotech company working to create new medicines through its revolutionary messenger RNA…

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