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Ebola Going Viral

Ebola Emergency mission chief says the steps taken by countries to counter the virus are not nearly enough to beat the disease. Even in the US, with its modern healthcare system, fears of a widespread outbreak are growing

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FDA approves Ofev to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Ofev (nintedanib) for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a condition in which the lungs become progressively scarred over time. As a result, patients with IPF experience…

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CDC Develops Faster Test for Enterovirus D68

The Centers for Disease Contrio and Prevention has implemented a faster lab test to detect Enterovirus D68, which will take days instead of weeks. Also, a Harvard researchers released a new study on access to mental health care.

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Mesenchymal Cells and Ovarian Cancer

Role of mesenchymal cells in the natural history of ovarian cancer: a review Background: Ovarian cancer is the deadliest gynaecologic malignancy. Despite progresses in chemotherapy and ultra-radical surgeries, this locally metastatic disease presents a high rate of local recurrence advocating…

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Broccoli Can Help Combat Autism Symptoms

A chemical derived from broccoli sprouts may help some behavioral symptoms in people with autism. Researchers studied 40 young men with moderate to severe autism, and found those who got a daily dose of the chemical sulforaphane saw improvements in…

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14 Million Major Diseases Caused by Smoking

14 Million Americans With Major Diseases Caused by Smoking.

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Second Health Care Worker in Dallas Tests Positive for Ebola

A second health care worker who was being monitored for signs of Ebola has tested positive for the virus, according to preliminary test results. The health care worker, like nurse Nina Pham, took care of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian…

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Ebola Patient Dies in Germany

  Doctors at the hospital in Leipzig said the man, 56, originally from Sudan, died despite receiving experimental drugs to treat the virus. World Health Organizatiom says Ebola death toll rises to 4,447 from 8,914 cases.  

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New Ways of Identifying PTSD

A new study at the University of Regina is taking a look at a troubling problem Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. The program is looking at the different symptoms and treatment options.

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Survivalists Ready To Take on Ebola

While worry over the Ebola virus grows in the general public, many survivalists are staying calm and cool headed. Having prepared for a variety of circumstances that would frighten most, they feel well prepared for any disaster that could come…

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