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First Death in Canada Related to Enterovirus

A young man with severe asthma died in B.C. after catching Enterovirus D-68. It’s the first death in Canada related to this strain of the virus.

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Medical Chopper Lands on Ebola Cruise Scare

A helicopter is said to have landed on the cruise ship that was carrying a passenger thought to have handled blood samples from Thomas Eric Duncan. The helicopter is said to have landed in order to collect blood samples that…

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Belize rejects possible Ebola patient

State Dept. spokesman about Belize rejecting a possible Ebola patient in their country.

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U.S. public ‘very worried’ about Ebola

The fear of Ebola is fraying nerves and ringing false alarms across the country.

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Drinking Soda Can Shorten Your Life

Researchers in California found that sugar sodas can strain the body’s metabolism which could lead to shorter life. Also, a new study says that some vegetative-state patients may be aware of their surroundings.

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Health Worker Possibly Exposed To The Ebola Left On a Cruise

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital worker, who did not have direct contact with now deceased Liberian patient Thomas Eric Duncan but could have processed his bodily fluids 19 days ago, left on a cruise from Galveston on Sunday, department spokeswoman…

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Childhood Obesity and Parenting Stress

Parenting stress: a cross-sectional analysis of associations with childhood obesity, physical activity, and TV viewing Background: Parents influence their children’s obesity risk through feeding behaviours and modeling of weight-related behaviors. Little is known about how the general home environment, including…

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Frontier Flight Crew Exposed To Ebola

“Frontier Airlines said six crew members were placed on paid leave for 21 days “out of an abundance of caution,” after learning that a nurse who had treated an Ebola victim may have been symptomatic when she flew on the…

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China’s Ebola Cure Awaits Regulatory Approval

  SHANGHAI – A Chinese drugmaker with close military ties is seeking fast-track approval for a drug that it says can cure Ebola as China joins the race to help treat a deadly outbreak of the disease, which has spread…

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Innovation or Stagnation in Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery today: is there innovation or stagnation? Refractive surgery has not and will never reach stagnation as it affects the quality of vision and in turn, the quality of life for the average human being. Future important areas of…

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