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First Ebola Case Confirmed In Mali

Mali’s health minister says the West African country has confirmed its first case of Ebola. A two-year-old girl had tested positive for the haemorrhagic virus. Reports say she recently returned from the neighbouring Guinea. Mali shares a border with Guinea, and is…

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Ebola-winning a battle but losing the war?

Potential vaccine may not be enough to stop the Ebola virus on its own. Current Ebola outbreak has a fatality rate of around 70%. Can lessons be learned from Nigeria’s success in containing the deadly virus?

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Ebola in Connecticut

The quarantined people include three Yale University students, and all the others are from one family. The people also include recent visitors to West Africa.

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T Cell Associated With Allergic Responses

 Allergy-associated T cell epitope repertoires are surprisingly diverse and include non-IgE reactive antigens We recently identified T cell epitopes associated with human allergic responses. In a majority of cases, responses focused on a few immunodominant epitopes which can be predicted…

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Latest updates – WHO: Ebola Toll Rises

Ebola is now believed to have killed 4,877 people globally and that the spread of the lethal virus remains “persistent and widespread” in West Africa, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. In a new update, WHO also said there have…

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Non-Ebola Diseases you Should Worry About

Ebola remains at the forefront of public safety concerns, but there are a number of illnesses that pose a far greater health risk. Hari Sreenivasan speaks to Dr. William Schaffner, the chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbilt…

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Drug companies step up Ebola vaccine race

As the WHO opens its third emergency meeting on Ebola, Johnson and Johnson says it’s speeding up work on an experimental vaccine against the disease – putting pressure on its main rivals in the vaccine race, GSK and NewLink Genetics,…

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