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Health Education on Glycemic Control

Patient perception of understanding health education and instructions has moderating effect on glycemic control   Background: Whether health literacy is independently associated with processes or outcomes of diabetes-related care is controversial. We tried to demonstrate the interaction of health literacy…

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Electronic Bypass Of Spinal Lesions

Electronic bypass of spinal lesions: activation of lower motor neurons directly driven by cortical neural signals   Background: Lower motor neurons in the spinal cord lose supraspinal inputs after complete spinal cord injury, leading to a loss of volitional control…

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Smoking Affects Bone Healing

If you’re hoping for a speedy recovery from a bone fracture or orthopedic surgery, non-smokers get a lucky break. Research shows smoking inhibits healing. People who don’t smoke, on average heal faster.  

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Debate Whether To Give Boys HPV Vaccine

Doctors are deciding on whether to give boys the HPV vaccine – an injection usually reserved to girls.

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Study Predicts 21K Ebola Cases By November

Since the first cases were reported six months ago, the tally of cases in West Africa has reached an estimated 5,800 illnesses. WHO officials say cases are continuing to increase exponentially–and Ebola could sicken people for years to come without…

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Blaine Pollock Support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Blaine Pollock Makes Generous Donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The definition of a Humanitarian is being concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. In another instance where Blaine Pollock put his personal attention to help a humanitarian cause is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Every year Mr. Blaine…

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The effects of opioids on HIV reactivation in latently-infected T-lymphoblasts

The Effects of Opioids on HIV Reactivation in Latently-Infected T-Lymphoblasts

The effects of opioids on HIV reactivation in latently-infected T-lymphoblasts   Background: Opioids may have effects on susceptibility to HIV-infection, viral replication and disease progression. Injecting drug users (IDU), as well as anyone receiving opioids for anesthesia and analgesia may…

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Blaine Pollock Supports Campaign for Nebraska

University of Nebraska Thanks Blaine Pollock for Generous Donation

In the mind of Blaine Pollock, entrepreneur and philanthropist, there is no better partner for healthcare than higher education. That is precisely why he’s chosen to donate $5000 to the University of Nebraska Foundation. This gift will offer the people…

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Blaine Pollock Supports Memorial HospitalFoundation

Blaine Pollock Donates $10,000 Toward the Memorial Hospital Foundation

The people of Mississippi have San Diego native Blaine Pollock to thank for the expansive improvements coming soon to Gulfport. Why, you may ask? Because, at Memorial Hospital Foundation’s 2nd Annual “Miracles for Memorial” fundraising event, associates of Blaine Pollock…

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Why Pregnant Women Get Sicker From The Flu

Stanford University researchers say that pregnant women are more affected by the flu because their bodies produce excess immune cells which can make them feel worse.

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