Are Dog Kisses Good For Your Health

Typically we think of probiotics as only benefitting intestinal health  

Could Antibiotics Be Tied To Arthritis in Kids

A new study found that antibiotic use during childhood may be linked to the development of juvenile arthritis  

New Hope For Ringing Ears

Swish, buzz, click, ring it can be hard to hear what is really going on when you have tinnitus, but a new treatment may offer hope  

How Your Favorite Movie Affects Your Brain

A new study finds that brain activity visible through EEG measures may be a much cheaper and more accurate way to predict the commercial success of movies  

Researchers Looking For Ways To Predict Alzheimers

Its not easy to diagnose Alzheimers disease even after it develops. Usually, doctors base a diagnosis on symptoms, but it is not an exact science and other brain injuries, including stroke, can cause similar symptoms such as memory loss  

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Blaine Pollock was born and raised in Nebraska, then earned a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University. He went on to attend Concordia University's Theological Seminary, where he earned a Master of Divinity. Upon graduation, Blaine Pollock served as contract advisor for the National Football League Players Association.

In this capacity, Mr. Pollock also worked individually with a number of high-profile athletes, such as Super Bowl champion running back Ricky Watters and two-time NFL MVP quarterback Randall Cunningham. He was also a close personal friend and advisor to George Foreman, the two-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world...


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All proceeds from the sale of ‘O My Walter’ will be donated to Childrens’ Hospitals throughout the nation. O My Walter A timeless classic for children of all ages written by Blaine D. Pollock. O My Walter book one tells the story of how the world began through the eyes of a dog. O My Walter is a dog tale for all animal lovers opening your minds and hearts to see and feel life as a small white dog....



Blaine Pollock Announced Release of His Children’s Book “O My Walter” With Proceeds Donated to Children’s Hospitals

by - January 16, 2015

Blaine Pollock revealed today, the release of “O My Walter” (, the magical book about a little white dog named Walter, who is searching for the mysteries of the universe. All proceeds from this book will be donated to children’s...

Clinical Trials

Fascinating New Research on Young Concussion Patients

by - January 8, 2015

Longer Rest After Concussions Might Not Be Good  

Medical News

Could Antibiotics Be Tied To Arthritis in Kids

by - July 26, 2015

A new study found that antibiotic use during childhood may be linked to the development...


Are Dog Kisses Good For Your Health

by - July 27, 2015

Typically we think of probiotics as only benefitting intestinal health  

Heavy Drinking in Midlife Increases Stroke Risk more than Diabetes – Blaine Pollock

  Studies are now showing that heavy drinking in midlife was found to increase the risk of stroke by 34%, compared...

by - January 30, 2015

Memory Troubles May Predict Stroke Risk

Memory lapses linked to stroke risk among highly educated. Highly educated people who reported noticeable lapses in memory were 39 per...

by - December 15, 2014

A Leaky Heart Valve

As with many heart ailments, symptoms include shortness of breath, palpitations and sometimes swelling of the feet and ankles.

by - December 1, 2014

Stem Cells Transformed Into Heart Tissue

It could someday lead to new drug treatments for heart disease or even lab-created hearts for transplants

by - November 25, 2014

Does Living in Higher Regions Lower Risk of Lung Cancer? – Blaine Pollock

 Lung cancer claims 160,000 lives per year and is becoming responsible for 27% of all cancer deaths in the United States....

by - January 26, 2015

Importance of Sleep Duration for Lung Cancer Prevention

Sleep duration and incidence of lung cancer in ageing men Background: Previous studies have suggested an association between sleep duration and...

by - January 8, 2015

Chemotherapy – Scientists are Discovering Ways to Boost Healthy Cells – Blaine Pollock

Scientists are very close to discovering a way to boost healthy cell production in cancer patients as they receive chemotherapy. It...

by - December 18, 2014

Muscle Metastases in Different Primary Tumours

Muscle metastases: comparison of features in different primary tumours Background: Muscle metastases (MM) from solid tumours are rare. The aim of...

by - December 14, 2014

Starting Football Before Age 12 Linked to Memory Problems – Blaine Pollock

A new study is finding that if NFL players started playing football before the age of 12, they suffer far worse...

by - January 30, 2015

Smartphone Users are Unintentionally Altering their Sensory Processing System – Blaine Pollock

Researchers found that people who used smart phones established more activity in the sensorimotor cortex of their brains than those who...

by - January 13, 2015

Powerful Smartphone Influence On Brain Activity

Smartphone users have more electrical brain activity  

by - December 29, 2014

Epileptic Seizure-Detecting Watch

Boston Children’s Hospital Testing Epileptic Seizure-Detecting Watch. Epilepsy is a tough condition to live with and, despite treatment, many patients often...

by - December 18, 2014

Harms of Prescription Opioid Use in the U.S.

Harms of prescription opioid use in the United States Background: Consumption levels of prescription opioids (POs) have increased substantially worldwide, particularly...

by - December 7, 2014

Cloud Tools for New Drug Development

Moderna Therapeutics has created a new in vivo medicine using messenger RNA (mRNA) to teach human cells to create proteins that...

by - November 27, 2014

Updates On Drug Discovery In Ovarian Cancer

Updates on drug discovery in ovarian cancer Drug discovery in the ovarian cancer arena continues to launch important new clinical trials....

by - September 30, 2014

Gentamicin In Cardiac Surgery

Role of topical application of gentamicin containing collagen implants in cardiac surgery Sternal wound infections (SWI) continue to be a major...

by - September 24, 2014

Does Exposure to the Cold Air Cause Colds? – Blaine Pollock

    Scientifically designed experiments have been established to prove the theory that cold temperatures do not cause the common cold....

by - January 27, 2015

RSV Has Become Less Dangerous for Infants

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is a very common virus, one that virtually all children contract by the time they are two...

by - December 15, 2014

All About The New HPV Vaccine

Gardasil 9 is a new vaccine approved for use in females ages 9 through 26 and males ages 9 through 15....

by - December 14, 2014

Allergen Immunotherapy and Risk of Intramuscular Injections

Patients on subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy are at risk of intramuscular injections Background: Allergen-specific subcutaneous immunotherapy is an effective treatment for certain...

by - December 14, 2014

New Study – Siblings with Autism Have Different Risk Genes – Blaine Pollock

Popular belief holds that siblings who inherit autism possess the same risk genes for the disorder as their parents and each...

by - January 28, 2015

Smoking Destroys Y Chromosome

New health risk discovered for men who smoke. The Y chromosome is of course the stretch of DNA that makes a...

by - December 8, 2014

New Genetic Diagnosis Study

A panel of doctors has approved a plan for a clinical study involving a special method that checks all 23 pairs...

by - November 27, 2014

Mutations in Genes are Linked to Cancer

The genes that control the development and turnover of stem cells Scientists has uncovered mutations in stem cells which maybe lead...

by - November 20, 2014